Whether you prefer traditional hymns, devotional songs or contemporary praise and worship,
under the anointing of the Holy Spirit, Elder Hu utilizes his skills and vast repertoire of songs
solo or along with
The Gospel Unlimited Singers   as a  worship leader to embrace and
support  genuine and wholesome expression of adoration unto God. Praying , rejoicing,
singing , shouting and dancing or solemnity in God's presence are some of the ways  the
ministry will engage you in, as the Holy Spirit leads and within time constraints. The goal is
always for a rich and consummate encounter with God that will prepare your heart to receive
a word or touch that will bring about a change and enhance your worship life.
The Gospel
Unlimited Singers
is also available for concerts,  fund raising events and other functions
where dynamic Gospel , Contemporary Christian or inspirational music is desired.

Professional Gospel Organist (Hammond  B3 expertise) Pianist and synthesis for church
services, vocalist or band accompaniment , solo performance for weddings, parties or other
functions. Refreshing relaxing background music synonymous with the
Key Witness CD or
more up tempo material for a dancing good time are usually the highlight of  parties and other

G.U. Music Center:
Offers consultation,professional training and instruction as
outlined below, in a smoke free, friendly, clean, comfortable
Christian atmosphere.

An increasing abundance of highly skilled and anointed musicians
available to be used by God as true worshippers for the edification
of His kingdom.

Provide a professional service to churches, other institutions and
individuals seeking to enhance their music ministry and/ or
performance. A service that will guarantee praise with

Music Lessons with Elder Hu White
Keyboard (Piano/Synth):
Understanding of the instrument how it works application of fingering techniques for better
execution of fast melodic passages and advanced chord progressions and comping styles.

Organ (Hammond B3):
Understanding of the instrument, how it works and application of techniques for performance
of a variety of gospel styles
A basic understanding of the instrument, set up and break down and application of
dexterity techniques for performance of basic beats and rhythms.

A basic understanding of the instrument, how it works and application of fingering
techniques for performance.

A basic understanding of the instrument. It’s functions and application of fingering
techniques for performance.

Utilizing breathing and projection techniques used in gospel singing,   to produce unique
richness and color.

Understanding and applying the alpha/numeric system used for musical perception,
notation and performance of melodic and harmonic passages.

Sight reading:
A basic understanding of symbols and systems used for musical notation & the ability to
apply them

We also offer presentations on :
  • The History of Gospel music
  • The history of  Jazz Music

As well as training and workshops for  your choir and/or praise and worship

Music Production:
Musical composition arranging recording and production from scratch to completion of
commercial quality  Cd's. Affordable poet, unsigned bands and solo artists  friendly packages
available now.

Equipment Rentals:
Hammond B3 and other band equipment small PA and two way Sound systems with or
without engineer. Competitive prices.
Now offering:

3 in 1 recession buster
lesson package.

Cost: $42.00


3  half hour private
music lessons in
performance technique

Hammond organ
/guitar/ bass drums or


Classes must be taken
within 1 week
( 5 business days) &
must be paid for in full
72 hours before start
date. All lessons would
be conducted on
location at G U Music
Center Studios. Offsite
lessons will incur
additional charges